Zahoon Moxa for Women

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ZA 140139

Zahoon Moxa 30pc box

Sold Only to Licensed Practitioners!

Zahoon Moxa for Women is fumigation and Smoking agent. Made from 100% Ganghwa Yaksook.

  • Made in S Korea
  • (30) piece box

Common usage: Float one square of toilet tissue on the water towards front of toliet bowl. Light the top of the moxa evenly and place in holder. Place moxa and holder in the center of the toilet tissue. Patient then sits on toliet to allow fumigation to begin. Session is complete when the moxa extinguishes. Remains of moxa can be flushed away.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children, do not use during pregnancy or menstruation, must be used only under the care and guidance of a licensed practitioner or physician! Product produces heat. Use adequate ventilation when using this product.

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