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Xanthium Relieve Surface, Bi Yan Pian Health Concerns

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90 caps

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Xanthium Relieve Surface™
Bi Yan Pian Herbal Supplement
90 Capsules



  • Hay fever

  • Sinus problems - Allergic rhinitis, sinusitis

  • Eczema - Allergic reaction

  • Rhinitis

  • Phlegm / Cough - sinus allergies, watery phlegm

Therapeutic Actions

1. Treat allergic reactions--allergic rhinitis, sinus congestion (stuffy nose), sinus headaches, chronic aching muscles
2. Treat various itching skin rashes--dermatitis, hives, poison oak, psoriasis, eczema, etc.
3. Treat stuffy or runny nose associated with common colds or flu with wind-heat signs


Chinese Therapeutic Effects

Clear surface wind-heat
Open nasal passages
Cool heat and dispel wind-dampness
Promote blood circulation and remove toxins



Internal: 3 capsules TID, between meals
For acute conditions, 3 capsules every 4 hours
90 capsules, 750 mg, 10 day supply



  • Xanthium fruit cang er zi

  • Magnolia flower xin yi hua

  • Platycodon root jie geng

  • Schizandra fruit wu wei zi

  • Angelica root bai zhi

  • Wild Chrysanthemum flower ye ju hua

  • Siler root fang feng

  • Schizonepeta herb jing jie

  • Astragalus root huang qi

  • White Atractylodes rhizome bai zhu

  • Licorice root gan cao

Formula Rationale

Xanthium Relieve Surface is a combination of the traditional formulas Bi Yan Pian and Yu Ping Feng San (Jade Screen Formula). Xanthium (can er zi) and magnolia flower (xin yin) are widely used Chinese herbal decongestants. Platycodon (jie geng) directs the actions of the herbs to the lungs and nose, schizandra (wu wei zi) and licorice (gan cao) have antiallergenic and adaptogenic properties. Angelica (bai zhi), siler (fang feng) and schizonepeta (jing jie) have wind relieving properties that help relieve acute nasal and skin symptoms. Astragalus (huang qi) and white atractylodes (bai zhu) bolster defensive energy. Wild chrysanthemum (ye ju hua) enters the lung meridian and is included for respiratory conditions.


Clinical Notes

1. This formula does not contain ma huang, making it a good choice for patients with ma huang sensitivity
2. For rashes, results should appear quickly. If results do not occur within a few days, increase dosage or re-evaluate
3. Can also be used to clear stuffy or runny nose associated with the common cold or flu with heat signs
4. If congestion is chronic, combine with a formula to decongest and invigorate the liver
5. For poison oak, take 3 tablets every 2 hours. (May be most effective to combine with Astra C)
6. Practitioners report superb results with hives and allergic rhinitis when other therapies proved ineffective


Additional Formulas

• For allergic rhinitis take 2 to 3 tablets Xanthium Relieve Surface and 1 to 2 tablets Astra C QID
• Use Nasal Tabs for acute and chronic sinus congestion with thick, yellow mucus
• Use Minor Blue Perilla for watery congestion of the sinuses
• For copious sputum, combine Xanthium Relieve Surface with Clear Phlegm (Wen Dan Tang)
• Use or combine with Phellostatin when nasal congestion is related to intestinal or systemic candidiasis
• Combine with Marrow Plus for psoriasis or eczema (3 to 5 tablets of each formula TID)


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