Nourishing Youth Serum 1 oz. by Dr. Wang Skin Care

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Nourishing Youth Serum


Our revolutionary serum is formulated with a patented MicroDropletsTM technology. Unlike conventional manufacturing process that use heat and harsh emulsifiers to mix water and oil into serum, our serum is made by physically smashing the oil and water phases to create microdroplets that are >30,000x smaller than those made with the conventional manufacturing process.


This paradigm shift technology allows us to protect and preserve the active ingredients from destroyed by heat or emulsifiers. The ultra small particle size also allows the serum to be immediately absorbed to skin, delivering our proprietary blend of natural oils, aloe juice, vitamins and natural herbs.


The serum is light, milky white in color, and has a refreshing and herbal aroma that delights all your senses. After one application, you can sense the serum works instantly to hydrate & nourish the skin, delivering a soft, smooth and youthful complexion.


As a bonus, our elegant and potent serum comes with the Beauty ScrollTM packaging. 


Proven science, trusted formula.  

Good for sensitive skin.


97% Natural. Safe, gentle and effective! Contains no:


·         Parabens

·         Synthetic Fragrance

·         Mineral oil

·         Petrolatum