Jiang Zhi Yin 100 caps, Treasure of the East

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Jiang Zhi Yin


Jiang Zhi Yin - Crataegus Combination

Boosts the spleen and the liver, transforms phlegm and removes accumulated stagnation.



While there is no clear term or definition for cholesterol in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is usually associated with spleen and liver deficiency, with accumulation of dampness and stagnation; poor lifestyle and diets that may affect how lipids are processed and stored in the body; and slower fluid circulation that will enable more or larger deposits of lipids to accumulate.  Enhancing the spleen and liver, transforming phlegm, removing stagnation, and boosting the metabolism will help restore the natural balance of the body.



Shan Zha (Crataegus)

Jue Ming Zi (Cassia Seed)

He Shou Wu (Flowery Knotweed)

Jin Yin Zi (Cherokee Rose)

Yi Yi Ren (Coix)

Yin Chen (Virgate Wormwood)

Hu Zhang (Bushy Knotweed)

Da Huang (Rhubarb)

Chai Hu (Bupleurum)

Yu Jin (Curcuma)



500mg per capsule, 4 capsules two to three times daily.


Quality Assurance

Treasure of the East® herbal formulas are full-spectrum, pharmaceutical-grade, and extracted only with purified water to replicate a traditional decoction. They are produced by Tianjiang Pharmaceutical, the world's largest producer of herbal granules, in a facility that is fully automated and computer-controlled to ensure quality and reliability. Products are tested extensively in Tianjiang's CNAS National Laboratory, yielding high-precision data regarding each herb's identity, origin, concentration of effective components, heavy metal and pesticide residues, and proper dosage in concentrated form. Tianjiang's production protocols for concentrated herbal extracts have been internationally recognized and adopted into the pharmaceutical and food standards of the China Food and Drug Administration.