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Jade Dew Ointment 1/2 oz, Blue Poppy

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Jade Dew Ointment by Blue Poppy

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This ointment is for the relief of pain, swelling, and redness associated with herpes simplex outbreaks or cold sores when applied before the blister has formed and broken. Its main Chinese herbal ingredient is Flos Hibisci Mutabilis (Fu Rong Hua). Hong-yen Hsu et al., in Oriental Materia Medica: A Concise Guide, say that this medicinal is specifically indicated for herpes zoster , while Shen De-hui et al., in Manual of Dermatology in Chinese Medicine, say that it treats “all patterns of herpes simplex.”

Ingredients: Blended vegetable oil (canola & soybean), beeswax, Flos Hibisci Mutabilis (Fu Rong Hua).

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