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Guna-Stomach reduces the symptoms of gastritis, mainly the hyper-secretive gastritis of hyper-acidity, by targeting the reduction of hydrochloric acid secretion by the glands of the gastric mucosa, through a modulation of the parasympathetic tone (Dopamine, Sympathicus Porcine). Herbal and mineral homeopathic ingredients contained in Guna-Stomach, ( Argentum nitricum and Dioscorea villosa for example ), stimulate anti-inflammatory activity on the gastro-duodenal mucosa, providing immediate relief for the symptoms of gastritis and cramping discomfort. Other homeopathic herbal and mineral ingredients in this formulation are Bismuthum subnitricum and Anacardium, which control the epigastric symptoms.Yet others, most notably, Antimonium crudum and Carbo vegetabilis, reduce the catarrhal reaction and the gastric tympanism. NOTE: Important, is the presence of the homeopathized growth factor EGF, which encourages compensation of the epithelium histological damage of the gastric mucosa by the acid hypersecretion.


Uses: Acute and chronic gastritis, gastroduodenitis, gastralgia, epigastralgia, pyrosis and gastric acidity.


Ingredients: Abies nigra 3X HPUS; Anacardium orientale 6X HPUS; Anacardium orientale 12X HPUS; Anacardium orientale 30X HPUS; Anacardium orientale 200X HPUS; Antimonium crudum 6X HPUS; Antimonium crudum 12X HPUS; Antimonium crudum 30X HPUS; Antimonium crudum 200X HPUS; Argentum nitricum 6X HPUS; Argentum nitricum 12X HPUS; Argentum nitricum 30X HPUS; Argentum nitricum 200X HPUS; Bismuthum subnitricum 6X HPUS; Carbo vegetabilis 6X HPUS; Dioscorea villosa 3X HPUS; Dopamine 6X; Epidermal growth factor 4C; Ipecacuanha 8X HPUS; Ipecacuanha 30X HPUS; Ipecacuanha 200X HPUS; Momordica balsamina 3X HPUS; Origanum majorana 6X HPUS; Origanum majorana 10X HPUS; Origanum majorana 30X HPUS; Robinia pseudoacacia 2X HPUS; Stomach, Porcine 6X; Stomach, Porcine 8X; Stomach, Porcine 12X; Stomach, Porcine 30X; Stomach, Porcine 200X; Sympathetic nerve, Porcine 3X; Sympathetic nerve, Porcine 6X; Sympathetic nerve, Porcine 12X


Directions: 3 pellets 2-3 times a day also over extended periods of time; as shock therapy3 pellets every 30 minutes for two hours.


Guna-Stomach Most common combinations

Guna-Stomach + Guna-Digest: gastritis accompanied by dyspeptic syndromes. Guna-Stomach + Eubioflor + Citomix: Helicobacter pylori gastritis. Guna-Stomach + Anti Age Stress: psychosomatic gastritis (due to stress).