Guna Flam oral drops 30ml

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Guna-Flam is a broad spectrum anti-inflammatory homeopathic medicine, which reduces promptly and effectively, the symptoms of inflammation: fever, pain, edema, and redness. This formulation is indicated in all acute and chronic inflammatory pathologies of infective, or non-infective basis. All of the selected homeopathic ingredients have a powerful anti-inflammatory activity (Aconitum, Apis, Belladonna, Bryonia, Ferrum phosphoricum, Pyrogenium, Phytolacca). Being in the form of potency chords, these ingredients work specifically on the neurogenic, vasal and exudative phase of the inflammation. The anti-inflammatory activity is treated by the presence of homeopathized cytokines: in particular TGF-BETA 1, IL10 and Anti-IL1 alpha, while the antiseptic protection is provided, in part, by Ferrum phopshoricum and Hepar sulphuris. In addition, beta-Endorphin D6 works to modulate the hyper-reactive pain receptors, and, Conjunctiva tissue Porcine, has a strong affinity for the matrix, which is the battleground for inflammation. Also, the combined use of Hypophysis Porcine and Pineal gland Porcine moderates the hormone activity of the matrix and thus its sensitivity to the inflammatory mediators.

Uses: Acute and chronic inflammations in various locales. Acute and chronic fever processes; Pain treatment of inflammatory origin.

Ingredients: Aconitum napellus 6X HPUS; Aconitum napellus 12X HPUS; Aconitum napellus 30X HPUS; Aconitum napellus 200X HPUS; Anti interleukin 1 alpha 4C; Apis mellifica 6X HPUS; Apis mellifica 12X HPUS; Apis mellifica 30X HPUS; Apis mellifica 200X HPUS; Belladonna 6X HPUS; Belladonna 12X HPUS; Belladonna 30X HPUS; Belladonna 200X HPUS; Beta-Endorphin 6X; Bryonia alba 6X HPUS; Bryonia alba 12X HPUS; Bryonia alba 30X HPUS; Bryonia alba 200X HPUS; Citricum acidum 3X HPUS; Conjunctiva tissue, Porcine 12X; Conjunctiva tissue, Porcine 30X; Conjunctiva tissue, Porcine 200X; Copper gluconate 4X; Ferrum phosphoricum 6X HPUS; Ferrum phosphoricum 12X HPUS; Ferrum phosphoricum 30X HPUS; Ferrum phosphoricum 200X HPUS; Hepar sulphuris calcareum 6X HPUS; Hepar sulphuris calcareum 12X HPUS; Hepar sulphuris calcareum 30X HPUS; Hepar sulphuris calcareum 200X HPUS; Hypophysis, Porcine 200X; Interleukin 10 4C; Melatonin 4C; Natrum pyruvicum 3X HPUS; Phytolacca decandra 6X HPUS; Phytolacca decandra 12X HPUS; Phytolacca decandra 30X HPUS; Phytolacca decandra 200X HPUS; Pineal gland, Porcine 6X; Pyrogenium 30X HPUS; Pyrogenium 200X HPUS; Transforming Growth Factor beta 1 4C.

Directions: 10 drops 3 times a day; as a shock therapy 10 drops every 30 minutes for two hours.



Most common combinations

Guna-Flam + Guna-Trauma: inflammatory diseases of the Muscle and Skeletal System.

Guna-Flam + Guna-Arthro: phlogosis of the joints.

Guna-Flam + Guna-Allergy-Treat: symptomatic treatment of allergic rhino-conjunctivitis.

Guna-Flam + Guna-Flu: influenza with fever.

Guna-Flam + Guna-Tonsils: tonsillitis with fever.

Guna-Flam + Guna-Cough: bronchitis with fever.

Guna-Flam + Guna-Rhino Nose Spray: vasomotor rhinitis with serious oedema of the concha nasalis mucosa.

Guna-Flam + Guna-Sinus Nose Spray: sinusitis with serious edema of the concha nasalis mucosa, and fever.

Guna-Flam + Guna-Bowel: IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Diseases). Also known as IBS

Guna-Flam + Guna-Kidney + Citomix: inflammatory and infective diseases of the urinary system.

Guna-Flam + Guna-Hemorrhoids: hemorrhoids.

Guna-Flam + Anti Age Vein: phlebitis. Guna-Flam + Guna-PMS: dysmenorrhea.