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Guna Anti Age Vein Granules

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The complex composition of Anti Age Vein is connected by different etiopathogenic causes and a number of symptoms of the venous / lymphatic pathology. All the remedies contained in Anti Age Vein act in concert by “encompassing” the vascular pathology, for a maximum therapeutic effect and a rapid reduction of symptoms. Anti Age Vein is the medicine for venous failures leading to varicosities, with its primary action being on venous failures that worsen with heat and sun exposure and manifest with “heavy and swollen legs”.This medicine acts deeply on different aspects geared at: recovering arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels’ functionality (Artery Porcine, Vein Porcine, Lymphatic vessel Porcine); hindering the progressive degeneration of those connective structures (Arsenicum album, Cinchona officinalis, Ferrum metallicum, Viscum album, Calcarea fluorica); increasing the tone and stabilizing the vasal permeability (Aesculus, Hamamelis, Lachesis, Arnica); improving venous return and lymph reflux (Ananassa, Hydrocotile asiatica, Apis, Mountain cranberry Bark, Hamamelis); reducing blood vessel inflammation and, as a consequence, reducing the inflammatory symptoms (Ananassa, Arnica, Aconitum, Belladonna, Pulsatilla, Mercurius solubilis) . NOTE:The composition of Anti Age Vein highlights that this medicine is an efficacious drug for venous pathologies, effective not only in symptoms but also deeply active on their root causes.

Uses: venous failure, varicose veins, symptomatology referred as “heavy and swollen legs”.

Ingredients: Aconitum napellus 10X HPUS; Aesculus hippocastanum 3X HPUS; Ananassa 3X HPUS; Apis mellifica 10X HPUS; Arnica montana 10X HPUS; Arsenicum album 12X HPUS; Artery, Porcine 4C; Belladonna 10X HPUS; Calcarea fluorica 8X HPUS; Cinchona officinalis 10X HPUS; Ferrum metallicum 10X HPUS; Hamamelis virginiana 3X HPUS; Hydrocotyle asiatica 3X HPUS; Lachesis mutus 10X HPUS; Lymphatic vessel, Porcine 7C; Mercurius solubilis 10X HPUS; Mountain cranberry, Bark 3X; Pulsatilla 10X HPUS; Vein, Porcine 4C; Viscum album 3X HPUS.

Directions: 3 pellets 2-3 times a day also over extended periods of time. In acute phase: 3 pellets every 30 minutes for 2-3 hours.


Anti Age Vein

Most common combinations

Anti Age Vein + Guna-Flam: phlebitis.

Anti Age Vein + Guna-Lympho: venous failure with lymphatic stasis.

Anti Age Vein + Guna-Hemorrhoids: hemorrhoids.

Anti Age Vein + Guna-Liver: venous failure of lower limbs with or without varicose veins (with possible portal stasis).