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Guna Anti Age Stress Granules

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Anti Age Stress, Guna


Anti Age Stress can reduce stressful events effects by means of an action aimed at the entire psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunologic core ( Physiological Regulating Therapy). In other words, it considers the human being in his own mind-body entirety.

In this GUNA formulation, hormones and neurotransmitters in homeopathic microdoses can reprogram the whole neuro-endocrine component in both of its guiding principles…the psycho-somatic and the somato-psychic principles. Selected homeopathic medicines reduce, modulate and stimulate the neuro-psychic reactivity, to restore its physiological range, without suppression or inhibition of the biological response.

NOTE: Anti Age Stress provides a modulated adrenergic tone with an increase of the inherent stress capacity and threshold.


Uses: control of physical and psychic stress manifestations: tachycardia; hyperhidrosis; polyuria; cutaneous flushing; increased susceptibility to infections; nervousness; paradoxical aggressiveness; tendency to fainting, etc.


Ingredients: Adrenalinum 9C HPUS; Adrenalinum 15C HPUS; Argentum nitricum 9C HPUS; Black horehound 3X; Citrus decumana 3X HPUS; Cortex cerebralis, Porcine 4C; Cortex cerebralis, Porcine 7C; Glutathione 4C; Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor 4C; Interferon gamma 5C; Kali carbonicum 9C HPUS; Lithium carbonicum 8X HPUS; Melatonin 4C; Melatonin 15C; n-Acetyl cysteine 4C; Nux vomica 5C HPUS; Nux vomica 7C HPUS; Nux vomica 9C HPUS; Nux vomica 15C HPUS; Penicillium notatum 8X; Sporobolomyces griseus 8X; Stomach, Porcine 7C; Superior gastric plexus, Porcine 7C; Thalamus, Porcine 7C.

Directions: 3 pellets 2-3 times a day also over extended periods of time. In acute phase: 3 pellets every 30 minutes for 2-3 hours.


Anti Age Stress Most common combinations

Anti Age Stress + Guna-Sleep: mental and physical stress conditions, characterized by hyper excitement and insomnia. Anti Age Stress + Guna-Digest: digestive disorders due to stress conditions. Anti Age Stress + Guna-Stomach: stress induced psychosomatic gastritis. Anti Age Stress + Guna-Mood: anxious-depressive syndromes due to stress conditions. Anti Age Stress + Guna-Bowel + Guna-Digest: irritable colon syndrome.