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Flavonex, Health Concerns

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Salvia and Gingko Herbal Supplement
90 Tablets



  • Poor cerebral circulation

  • Open channels / Promote circulation - aging, cardiovascular degeneration

  • Tonic formula - Nourish blood

  • Tonic formula - Nourish yin

  • Tonic formula - Tonify essence

  • Tonic formula - Tonify Qi

  • Tonic formula - Tonify Yang

  • Angina

  • High cholesterol

  • Inflammation and infections - Prevention

  • Mental fatigue

  • Poor memory

  • Restless legs

  • Blood Cholesterol and Lipids, High

  • Chest Constriction - Blood stagnation

  • Hypertension - Blood stagnation

  • Memory, Poor

  • Ulcer, Stomach - Blood stagnation

  • Cardiovascular disease

Therapeutic Actions

1. Use for prevention of degenerative cardiovascular diseases
2. Use to promote cerebral functions
3. Treat circulatory-related problems, neuropathy, arthritis, menstrual disorders, poor mental functions, gastric ulcer, colitis, sciatica
4. Use for impotence due to poor circulation


Chinese Therapeutic Effects

Dilate peripheral and coronary blood vessels
Promote blood circulation
Nourish and astringe essence



Internal: 2 to 3 tablets TID, between meals
90 tablets, 750 mg, 15 day supply

Contraindications: Use cautiously with Coumadin and other blood thinners



  • Pueraria root ge gen

  • Ilex root mao dong qing

  • Salvia root dan shen

  • Lonicera flower jin yin hua

  • Eucommia bark du zhong

  • Acorus rhizome shi chang pu

  • Cistanche salsa herb rou cong rong

  • Ho-shou-wu root he shou wu

  • Morus fruit sang shen

  • Rose fruit jin ying zi

  • Lycium cortex gou qi zi

  • Zizyphus seed suan zao ren

  • Tang Kuei root dang gui

  • Schizandra fruit wu wei zi

  • Gingko extract leaf yin guo ye

Formula Rationale

Flavonex is based on a combination of three Oriental herbs rich in flavones, including a concentrated extract of gingko biloba (bai guo ye). Gingko is the subject of much research in Europe on its ability to affect cerebral and peripheral arterial insufficiency. The herbs are added to a base of famous Chinese herbs thought to prolong the life span and improve cerebral functions. Flavonex is designed to treat cardiovascular degeneration from high fat diets. Flavones, also present in fruits, grains, and leafy vegetables, are thought to maintain the integrity of capillaries. The formula also contains salvia (dan shen), which is noted for its heart and capillary promoting properties.


Clinical Notes

1. Use for mental fatigue, as a daily preventative and healthy tonic
2. Utilize as stroke and degenerative heart disease preventative
3. Can be combined therapeutically with a wide variety of formulas


Additional Formulas

• Take with Astra 8 for improved energy, circulation, and mental fatigue
• Take with Astra Garlic for reducing blood lipids
• Use with Astra Essence for longevity and strength
• Combine Flavonex (3 tablets TID) with Cir-Q (1 tablet TID) for severely congested circulation
• Use with Xanthium Relieve Surface to treat allergic asthma
• Combine with Essence Chamber for prostatic swellings
• Combine with Nasal Tabs for chronic sinus problems (2 tablets of each formula QID)


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