All-Purpose Oint (was Cut & Sore Oint 1/2oz), Blue poppy

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This formula clears heat and resolves toxins, moves the blood and stops pain, engenders flesh and eliminates putridity. Indications are: cuts, abrasions, and open wounds, including nonhealing sores. This formula is a modification of Sheng Ji Yu Hong Gao (Engender Flesh Jade Red Ointment) found in Shang Ke Zheng Zong (Assembly of Orthodox Traumatology) which is itself a combination of two formulas, Sheng Ji Gao (Engender Flesh Ointment) and Yu Hong Gao (Jade Red Ointment). Both olive and castor oils resolve toxins, engender flesh, and eliminate putridity, while beeswax resolves toxins and engenders flesh when applied externally.

Ingredients: Olive oil, Castor oil, Beeswax, Lithospermum, Cynanchus, Angelica, Dang Gui, Myrrh, Dragon’s Blood, Borneol

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