Picture of Calm Breath Formula by Kan

Calm Breath Formula by Kan

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Picture of Calm Breath Formula by Kan

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Calm Breath Formula 1oz liquid



Ning Sou Wan

Calm Breath Formula


Phlegm with underlying Lung Heat, Lung Yin deficiency, Wind Cold or Wind Heat invasion


Chinese Action: Descends and disperses Lung Qi, transforms Phlegm, clears Heat from the Lung, moistens and nourishes Lung Yin.


Physical Indications:


·         Supports healthy lungs.

·         Supports a healthy respiratory system.

·         Moistens the lungs.


Dosage (tabs): 2-3 tabs, 2-3 times per day


Dosage (liquid): 30 drops, 2-3 times per day




Jie geng

Platycodon root

Chuan bei mu

Sichuan fritillary bulb

Zi su zi

Perilla fruit

Jiang ban xia

Ginger cured pinellia rhizome

Fu ling


Sang bai pi

White mulberry root bark

Bo he

Chinese mint herb

Xing ren

Apricot seed

Tian hua fen

Trichosanthes root

Ju hong

Red tangerine peel

Chao gu ya

Dry fried millet or rice sprout

Wu wei zi

Schisandra fruit

Gan cao

Chinese licorice root and rhizome


Calm Breath Formula redirects rebellious Lung Qi downward during, or following a Wind Heat invasion where there is also underlying Lung Heat, dryness or mild Yin deficiency with Phlegm. It addresses the complex, lingering patterns of rebellious Lung Qi with concurrent Dryness and Phlegm accumulation.


During or after a Wind Heat invasion, Heat and Dryness can accumulate in the Lungs. Yin deficiency, a drying of fluids and a weakening of Spleen Qi can manifest. There may also be an already underlying constitutional Spleen Qi weakness which will be further aggravated by the exterior invasion. In either case, Dampness accumulates due to the weakened Spleen Qi, causing further Phlegm accumulation in the Lungs.


In this pattern, the Lungs need to be cooled, moistened, while simultaneously drained of Phlegm. This formula is ideal for addressing the complex pattern present during or following a Wind Heat invasion with existing underlying mild Lung Heat, dryness or mild Yin deficiency with Phlegm accumulation.


The combination of Platycodon root, Sichuan fritillary bulb and Perilla fruit provide a strong foundation to this formula. Platycodon root reinforces the descending and dispersing function of the Lung Qi, while simultaneously draining Phlegm. Sichuan fritillary bulb clears Heat and transforms Phlegm, specifically where there is Lung Yin deficiency with Heat. Perilla fruit redirects rebellious Lung Qi downward and transforms Phlegm. Red tangerine peel and Apricot seed assist further in redirecting the rebellious Lung Qi downward.


Ginger cured Pinellia rhizome transforms Phlegm, drains Dampness and redirects rebellious Qi downward. White mulberry root bark drains Dampness by supporting healthy urination. Poria and dry fried Millet or Rice sprout protect and strengthen the Spleen Qi and prevent further Dampness and Phlegm accumulation.


Chinese mint herb disperses exterior Wind Heat while Trichosanthes root clears Heat and generates fluids in the Lungs. Trichosanthes root, in combination with Sichuan fritillary bulb and White mulberry root bark, dispel Heat and Dryness in the Lungs. Trichosanthes root has been added to the original formulation, as it addresses the root of this pattern. It clears Lung Heat, transforms Phlegm from the Lungs and moistens the Lungs when there has been a lack of moisture due to Yin deficiency or when Dryness has accumulated.


Schisandra fruit has been added to strengthen the formula’s ability to astringe the leakage of Lung Qi, soothe the rebellious Lung Qi, nourish the Kidneys, generate fluids in the body and calm the Shen. Chinese licorice root and rhizome harmonizes the actions of all the herbs in the formula.


While this formula can address an exterior Wind invasion, its main focus is to address Phlegm with underlying Lung Heat, Lung Dryness or Lung Yin deficiency. For a stronger impact on addressing Wind Heat invasion, add Initial Defense (Yin Qiao San and Sang Ju Yin) or Yin Qiao. For a combined pattern of Wind Heat and Cold, add Gan Mao Ling. For stronger Phlegm and Heat accumulation in the Lung, add Pinellia Dispersing Formula (Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan). For stronger nourishment of the Lung Qi and Yin, add Wise Judge (Sha Shen Mai Dong Yin and Sheng Mai San).


Similar Exterior releasing formulas include Yin Qiao to clear Wind Heat invasion and specifically to clear Heat from the throat; Blue Green Lung Formula to release an exterior Wind Cold invasion, warm the Lungs and transform Phlegm; Great White Lung Formula to clear Wind Heat or Wind Cold invasion transforming into Heat in the Lung and to clear Phlegm; and Lung Qi Release to warm and release an exterior lingering invasion.


Formulas to clear Heat include BreathEase to clear Phlegm Heat accumulation in the Lungs with a possible Wind Cold Invasion; Qing Fei Clearing Formula to clear Lung Heat, Liver Fire and Phlegm Heat from the Lungs; and Pinellia Dispersing Formula to clear Phlegm Heat from the Lungs.


Origins and Development: This is a modern formulation first mentioned in 1967 in A Selection of Traditional Formulas.


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