Book, Health in Balance - Spring Cuisine

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In this book you will find juicy secrets to the essence of spring, rebirth and renewal.  We've always taken our life experiences & translated them into dishes & creations that would reflect our spirit of life triumphant.


The basic premise of our recipes is to provide a resource based on the food therapy benefits of eastern medicine.


"The food is splendid...inspired by food legacies and the fusion of healthy and haute." - Liz Balmaseda, Food Editor, The Palm Beach Post


“Health in Balance” speaks volumes about the way we view life and living.  We look at health through a holistic kaleidoscope.  For us it is not about subtractions as much as knowing how and where to add the Juice & Essence of life and the abundance it can offer.  We promote balance in every sense of the word.  Deprivation, excess, moderation, variety and exercise are equally important.  Take any of our recipes and you will see that we are not pigeon-holed into any particular culinary approach.  We happily embrace all foods, all cultures, and promote the use of healthy, appropriate substitutions where nature permits.  At our core we’d like to expand the Food Pyramid way of thinking into the Energy and Property way of thinking.  As we recognize the purpose, place and energy of foods, be it medicinal or otherwise, then we can apply this knowledge as it pertains to our health and well-being.   Becoming in-tune with your body and building your awareness of nature’s harmony can offer a sense of peace, joy and lightness.  “Health in Balance” will be your aid by expanding your food vocabulary and introducing you to nature’s healing code.  Come with us on an amazing journey.  You will experience "HEALTH in Balance".


Excerpt From: Carol Maglio & DR. Ken Grey. “HEALTH in Balance.” .

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