Aloe 22, Health Concerns

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Aloe 22

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Aquilaria 22™
Aloe Cleansing Herbal Supplement
90 Tablets



  • Candidiasis

  • Digestion, Poor - Parasites

  • Constipation - Deficient blood

  • Constipation - Qi stagnation (chronic)

  • Parasites

  • Constipation - Chronic

  • Diverticulitis

  • Promote digestion / Relieve congestion at the center - chronic intestinal infestations, chronic constipation

Therapeutic Actions

1. Treat chronic infestations of intestinal parasites
2. Treat intestinal infections
3. Relieve chronic constipation
4. Diverticular disorders


Chinese Therapeutic Effects

Purge gall bladder heat
Disperse stagnant Qi
Astringe the intestines



Internal: 1 to 3 tablets TID
90 tablets, 750 mg, 15 day supply



  • Aquilaria sinensis wood chen xiang

  • Ginger rhizome gan jiang

  • Mume fruit wu mei

  • Codonopsis root dang shen

  • Terminalia fruit he zi

  • White Atractylodes rhizome bai zhu

  • Garlic da suan

  • Vladimiria Souliei root mu xiang

  • Polyporus zhu ling

  • Areca peel da fu pi

  • Pomegranate rind shi liu pi

  • Melia fruit chuan lian zi

  • Rubus fruit fu pen zi

  • Aurantium fruit zhi shi

  • Nutmeg seed rou dou kou

  • White Cardamon fruit bai dou kou

  • Ulmus fruit wu yi

  • Zanthoxylum fruit chuan jiao

  • Licorice root gan cao

  • Aloe Vera herb lu hui

  • Poria sclerotium fu ling

  • Raspberry fu pen zi

  • Fennel xiao hui xiang

Formula Rationale

Aquilaria 22 treats intestinal parasites and other intestinal diseases. The formula balances dispersing, eliminative forces with contracting and building forces, thus it is useful for a broad range of applications. Aquilaria (chen xiang), chi-shi (zhi shi), white cardamon (bai dou kou) treat abdominal pain and distension, and relieve intestinal spasm. They control diarrhea caused by infections, but also treat constipation due to weak intestinal function. Astringent herbs such as mume (wu mei), terminalia (he zi), pomegranate (shi liu pi), nutmeg (rou dou kou), rubia (fu pen zi) treat diarrhea caused by infections, regulate intestinal secretions, and treat ulcers of the intestinal mucosa. Anthelmintics such as quisqualis (shi jun zi), omphalia (lei wan), torreya (fei zi), ulmus (wu yi), zanthoxylum (hua jiao), and aloe vera (lu hui) attack parasites in the bowels. Qi tonics such as codonopsis (dang shen), white atractylodes (bai zhu), and licorice (gan cao), and digestive herbs such as ginger (gan jiang) enhance immunity and improve absorption of nutrients.


Clinical Notes

1. Treat hookworm, liver fluke, enterobiasis, tapeworm, and giardiasis
2. Effective for chronic constipation
3. Use as a prophylaxis prior to and during traveling
4. Prevention of parasites: Artestatin 1 to 2 TID plus Aquilaria 22 1 to 3 TID. If constipation, increase Aquilaria 22. If diarrhea, reduce Aquilaria 22.


Additional Formulas

• For broad spectrum action, combine Aquilaria 22 (2-3 TID) with Artestatin (1 tablet TID), as both formulas contain herbs effective for such conditions. Artestatin is used for acute diarrhea due to infestation, while Aquilaria 22 is useful for constipation. Use a higher dose of Aquilaria 22 with constipation, reduce dosage for diarrhea or loose stools.
• For acute indigestion, diarrhea from intestinal flu or food poisoning, use Quiet Digestion as needed


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