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AcuGraph 5 Digital Meridian System

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AcuGraph 5 Digital Meridian System

The AcuGraph® 5 Digital Meridian Imaging™ system is the cutting edge of Evidence-based Acupuncture. Using the principles of Ryodoraku acupuncture assessment, AcuGraph provides complete information about your patient's meridian energy balance and recommendations for treatment, all in an easy, 2-minute exam.


The new AcuGraph 5 features IntelliGraph™ technology to correct meridian measurements to statistical norms and more accurately pinpoint imbalances. The result is the most accurate meridian assessment system ever developed.


The software stores all exam results and provides fast, easy comparisons to track your patient's progress and document the need for care. You can attach notes to any exam, and customize options for herbal, nutrition, or exercise treatments to your preference. Customizable exam preferences allow you to specify the examination order and measurement increment. Security features include a fully encrypted database to protect your patient information (per HIPAA requirements) and automatic backups for data protection. AcuGraph has timed measurements for perfect consistency and statistical corrections for more intelligent results. The system is simple enough for your office staff to use and your patients to understand, yet powerful enough to provide the complete feature set required by the acupuncture professional. AcuGraph is unsurpassed in richness of features, ease of use, customer service, and system support.

The AcuGraph hardware includes a main processing unit (with microcontroller), all cables needed for connection, and a light and comfortable buttonless probe with 23k gold tip for superior durability and longevity (will not discolor or corrode).


The package includes the 120-page printed AcuGraph manual, installation disc, and fast-start guide. Lifetime free technical support is also included, as well as frequent updates, upgrades and improvements.


The one-year manufacturer’s warranty includes free equipment replacement and a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. This item will be drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer.

Note: When placing an order, please indicate the exact name and credentials you want listed on the software registration.


Product Features - Professional Package 


  • Training mode teaches new users to find the exact electronic point location every time.
  • Nine graph types provide comprehensive information for better treatment selection.
  • Patient report provides full information regarding meridian function, imbalances, symptoms and treatment.
  • Nine included treatment styles include basic, advanced, expert, auricular, back shu, channel divergences, spinal reflexes, AcuHerb™ herbal therapy, and user-customizable treatments.
  • Graph comparison vertically aligns and displays multiple graphs, allowing you to easily track patient progress.
  • Historical trending shows each patient’s improvement over time.
  • All treatment points are photographically illustrated and described anatomically, with point functions.
  • Complete reference section includes over 900 illustrations of acupoints, meridians, and charts, along with a complete prescription index.
  • Customizable, professional reports with as little or as much information as you want to include can be printed or emailed directly to patients.
  • Optional screening mode add-on helps attract new patients at public screening events.
  • AcuGraph is available in Spanish or English.  

System Requirements:



1. Operating System: Windows Vista, XP or 7 (32 or 64 bit)
2. 1 GB RAM
3. >500 MHz processor

4. USB port
5. 150 MB free hard drive space
6. 1024x768 Minimum screen resolution


1. Operating System: OS X 10.4 or newer
2. 512 MB RAM
3. >600 MHz G4, G5, or Intel Processor

4. USB Port
5. 150 MB free hard drive space
6. 1024x768 Minimum screen resolution


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Note: Software is not returnable!