Nordic Immune Gummies 40ct

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Nordic Immune® Gummies

Support for healthy immune system function


·         4 complementary nutrients with evidence-based benefits for cellular and immune health in a gummy

·         Essential vitamins C and D3 facilitate health-promoting immune activities

·         Zinc citrate and elderberry extract support the development and function of immune cells

·         Powerful antioxidant support for a healthy response to immune stressors

·         Promotes the body’s innate and adaptive immune mechanisms

·         Third-party tested for purity and potency


Nordic Immune® Gummies provide a simple and tasty way to support immune system functions. Combining four evidence-based nutrients that collectively support the body’s innate immune mechanisms, these gummies provide foundational support for a healthy response to immune stressors.


This convenient blend of nutrients is designed for daily use to provide foundational support for hardworking immune cells throughout the year—because your immune system never takes a day off.


·         Perfect for men and women, ages 18+, and seniors

·         Can be taken in addition to a daily multivitamin and multimineral