Premium TCM Herbal Products Since 1946

SUN TEN is a leading manufacturer of Chinese herbal extract products, including our own brand of Chinese herbal products and single herbal medicines. As a manufacturer, SUN TEN also functions as full service OEM/private contract manufacturer specializing in Chinese herb extract products. SUN TEN also has the experience, resources and scientific infrastructure to manufacture products that meet the detailed specifications necessary for scientific studies.

herb Authenticity

All of SUN TEN’s source herbal materials are obtained from private growers and suppliers whose products meet our strict quality specifications. We secure these resources by maintaining long term relationships with our suppliers and regularly purchasing qualifying crops from them. In addition, there tend to be issues such as species identification errors, unsafe heavy metal and pesticide contamination and introduction of unwanted weight enhancers or toxic material. SUN TEN does not accept any source materials that do not meet our unyielding quality standards.We avoid purchasing materials directly from the public market because herbs purchased in that setting can be unreliable and often have inferior constituent content.