Designed for Practitioners

Herbal Times® Teapills: Designed For Practitioners is a comprehensive teapills line that has over 100 formulas, ranging from popular ones like Xiao Yao Wan to hidden gems like our founder’s personal favorite Gan Mai Da Zao Wan. What differentiates our teapills is that they are designed especially to empower Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners based upon our founders’ combined hundred plus years of clinical experience.

Sustainable Sourcing

Nuherbs® is committed to the sustainability of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese herbs, and your business. That is why the first item under our “Ai Cao Yao” framework is to Assess if the use of an herb is sustainable.

  • • Powering practitioner’s success by nurturing patient-practitioner interactions by producing a professional line for clinics.
  • • Increase patient compliance by reducing the amount of teapills per dos: four teapills instead of eight.
  • • Increase usability through slightly larger teapills, making it easier to count, handle, and take.
  • • Sharing the exact formula, to empower practitioners to select the correct formula, especially when combining multiple formulas.
  • • Ensure stringent quality & safety by using traceable ingredients, rigorous testing, and robust good manufacturing practices.