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Throughout Chinese history, practitioners and proponents of Oriental Medicine have endured difficult environments and seasons. In some eras, the medicine was in grave jeopardy due to the attitudes of the ruling class. In other times, practitioners were either constrained by unfair regulations or made to turn aside from practice in order to prove the effectiveness of the medicine through research. Because of its time-tested success, though, this traditional medicine remains deeply rooted and ever green in the hearts of the Chinese people.

Our Mission • Our Promise
  • • To provide expert advice and friendly, efficient service
  • • To preserve professional access to Chinese herbs
  • • To protect the integrity of TCM by neither using endangered animals nor protected herb species from the wild
  • • To identify and authenticate the correct species of every herb provided
  • • To provide clinically effective herbs through pharmaceutical-level production
  • • To ensure safety and reliability through comprehensive analytical testing
  • • To stock a complete and wide array of products to address today's ailments
Quality Control and Manufacturing Process

Repeated testing ensures that we deliver the safest, highest quality products to you. On average, our herbs must pass 15 tests before reaching you.

"Seed to Shelf” Consciousness, promoted by Dr. David Eisenberg of Harvard University, is an approach to tracking herbs and maintaining accountability from the origin as seeds, through planting, maturation, harvesting, processing, and testing, until the herbs are delivered to you. Evergreen Herbs employs the following safety processes and checks to assure safety, quality, and ultimately, clinical efficacy. These processes and commitments are why Evergreen Herbs are good for you and why medical professionals choose Evergreen.