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Sertain 60 caps, Health Concerns

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Black Turmeric Extract and Taurine Herbal Supplement
60 Capsules


Therapeutic Actions


1. Used for prevention of AGEs (advanced glycation end products) accumulation in blood a contributing factor to the development of degenerative diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, and Alzheimer’s disease

2. Anti-aging, decrease vessel stiffness (CAVI)

3. Useful in improving hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinemia, and glucose intolerance for recovery of insulin resistance, and systolic blood pressure

4. Cardio and metabolic health benefits, may inhibit weight gain, decrease waist circumference, and visceral fat accumulation

5. Taken to decrease blood glucose and neutral lipid levels


Therapeutic Effects/Formula Benefits


Sertain a proprietary formula that can help prevent AGEs as well as improve the health of patients with diabetes, heart disease and cognitive decline.




Internal: 1 capsule BID, day between meals

60 vegetarian capsules, 550mg, 30 day supply


Contraindications: Not for use with externally contracted pathogenic factors.





L. Taurine

Black Turmeric extract Kaempferia parviflora


Formula Rationale


Sertain is a proprietary formula rich in polymethoxyflavonoid (PMF) that has clinically proven cardiovascular and metabolic health-promoting benefits which prevents advanced glycation end products (AGEs), proteins or lipids that become glycated as a result of exposure to sugars. AGEs can be a factor in aging and in the development or worsening of many degenerative diseases, such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, chronic renal failure, and Alzheimer’s disease.


Sertain works through a mechanism of action similar to resveratrol’s to enhance the SIRT1 gene pathway. The SIRT1 gene (Sirtuin 1) has a pivotal role in ameliorating insulin resistance and is considered a “longevity gene” since it influences numerous genes related to aging, early death, and the development of modern degenerative disorders such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and hypertension.


Sertain contains Health Concerns’ black turmeric extract (BTE) derived from the rhizome of black turmeric of the species Kaempferia parviflora of the Zingiberaceae family. Health benefits of the herb include helping with metabolic syndrome, liver protection, promoting healthy blood glucose levels, and improving blood flow. In vitro studies show it reduces fat-cell differentiation as well as inhibits the production of advanced glycation end products (AGEs), which cause accelerated aging effects. iv, ii The anti-glycation activity of BTE was observed to be 7 times stronger than amino guanidine, a clinical anti-diabetes drug.


In a study of BTE, body weight and abdominal fat accumulation were reduced in special mice that become obese. It was thought that the extract affected leptin levels and neurons directly or indirectly linked to suppressed food intake.


In human subjects, the effect of BTE on body weight, blood pressure, glucose and lipid metabolism, AGEs production, and arterial stiffness was evaluated in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study. Twenty-seven healthy volunteers were orally given 100 mg of BTE, corresponding to 2 capsules a day of Sertain or a placebo for 7 weeks. Body weight declined significantly from 74.3±1.8 kg to 73.4±1.8 kg (p = 0.0033), and fasting blood glucose declined significantly from 106.3±6.5 mg/dL to 101.1±5.8 mg/dL (p = 0.0393) in the BTE group. Blood glucose dropped from 127.9±17.8 mg/dL to 120.7±14.9 mg/dL after ingestion, and improvement trends in the CAVI arterial stiffness index from 8.0±0.2 to 7.8±0.2 after ingestion were observed in the BTE group in those who had HbA1c values greater than 5.4%. The production of advanced glycation end products in the active group was reduced compared with the placebo group, which had a 6.7±2.2 µg/ mL increase compared with only a 1.4±2.8 µg/mL increase in the active group. No abnormal values were observed in body composition, blood chemistry, and blood pressure as adverse events during the test.


Sertain is also involved in the conjugation of bile acids (improves cardiovascular function), acts as a diuretic, and antianxiety nutrient.


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