CBD Isolate Oil (Unflavored) 1 oz. by Charlotte's Web

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Whole Plant Hemp Extract: More than just CBD


Charlotte’s Web is a whole plant hemp extract containing a spectrum of Phytocannabinoids.

Our hemp extracts tap a unique assortment of hemp’s phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other valuable hemp compounds that work synergistically to heighten positive effects, making them superior to single-compounds CBD alternatives.


Product Features and Benefits:




Product Benefits


·         Our new CBD Isolate allows consumers to personalize the level of CBD in their regimen to support overall wellness. Since bodies' needs change day-to-day, the Isolate is a great option when you want to adjust the amount of CBD you're taking for overall cellular and molecular heath. Feel balanced, regardless of what life throws your way.


Additional Information 


·         This product is tested by high performance liquid chromatography to ensure it contains no more than 13 parts per million tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). If you are subject to testing for THC, learn more prior to using this product. 

·         Our Isolate product is extracted using a proprietary process that allows us to isolate CBD from the hemp extract.

·         The CBD content of our Isolate is 20mg/mL. Serving size is 1mL or 2 droppers full.