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Multi Pack Herbal Vapor Kit by Rebel Herbs

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Multi Pack Herbal Vapor kit with All 4 Vapors to try or sample out to patients. (includes 4 Cartridges, Battery and Charger).




Flax (seed) extract ††, valerian wallichi (root) extract ††, nutmeg (seed) extract ††, celastrus paniculatus extract ††, bacopa monnieri (leaf) extract ††, cyperus rotundus extract †† and goto kola (leaf) extract ††.


Flax (seed) extract ††, turmeric (rhisome) extract ††, ginger (rhisome) extract ††, boswellia (gum resin) extract ††, celastrus paniculatus (fruit) extract †† and vitex negundo (leaf) extract ††.


Flax (seed) extract ††, cardamom (seed) extract ††,  cinnamon (bark) extract ††,  ashwagandha (root) extract ††,  saffron (stigma) extract †† and mucuna puriens (seed) extract ††.


Flax (seed) extract ††, celastrus paniculatus (fruit) extract ††, turmeric (rhisome) extract ††, bacopa monnieri (leaf) extract ††, pandanus (flower) extract ††.


†† Supercritical CO2 Extract




Take 3 puffs 3 times a day or as directed by healthcare professional.