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Migraine tabs by BHI, 100's

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Migraine tabs by BHI

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For the treatment of:

• throbbing, severe headache pain, aggravated by noise, light, or movement

• migraine headache due to stress


Ingredients Characteristic Symptoms


Cinchona officinalis 4X Headache after blood loss; vertigo; better when lying down

Condurango 4X Constitutional pain Pulsatilla 4X Wandering stitches and pain about head,

extending to face and teeth; vertigo Aceticum acidum 6X Nervous headache

Arsenicum album 6X Headaches improved by cold; other symptoms are worsened by cold

Asafoetida 6X Darting pain and caries in bones; periosteum painful, enlarged, swollen with ulcers; caries of the nasal bones Lycopodium clavatum 6X Furthers the liver detoxication and elimination of homotoxins Natrum sulphuricum 6X Occipital pain and vertigo; drilling in right temple Phosphoricum acidum 6X Head heavy and confused, worsened by shaking or noise; crushing headache; periosteal pains Secale cornutum 6X Headache and migraine; insomnia with restlessness; anxious dreams; pale face with pain; conditions are improved by cold (contrary to Arsenicum album); excessive thirst; twitching abdomen muscles Aranea diadema 8X Periodicity of all symptoms; coldness and great susceptibility to dampness Kalmia latifolia 8X Rapidly changing pain; rheumatic pain; neuralgias Strychninum nitricum 8X Hyperirritability and restlessness with bursting headache and heat in eyes Calcarea phosphorica 10X Headache, worse in the region of sutures and from weather changes Carbo vegetabilis 10X Migraine with digestive symptoms Curare 10X Lancinating pain all over head; head drawn backward; sensation of brain feeling full of fluid Mercurius praecipitatus ruber 10X Sensitivity of periosteum, tendency to periosteum swelling with pain Silicea 10X Pain beginning at occiput, spreading over head and settling over eyes, especially left side, improved by warm compresses Uranium nitricum 12X Important trace element Bryonia alba 30X Bursting and splitting headache as if everything would be pressed out; worse with motion.

15 mg each/300 mg tablet.