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Jia Jian CMNS2-1 Needle Stimulator, 2 Channel, Portable

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Product Overview


CMNS2-1 Needle Stimulator, combined with modern technique and traditional Chinese acupuncture theory, and improved on the basis of Needle Stimulator CMNS6-1, is designed and made for clinical electric acupuncture treatment. It is easy to operate and portable which is used by acupuncture doctor for clinical electric acupuncture treatment to the patient.


Technical Parameters


Output Pulse Wave: un-symmetry bi-direction triangular pulse wave

Output Frequency: 1~100Hz adjustable

Output Pulse Width: 0.175ms±30%

Output Peak Voltage Value: 70±10V(load 1000O)

Output Pulse Channel: 2 channels

Power Supply: battery AAA 1×4

Wave Form: ”CON.WAVE”,”INTM.WAVE”&”D.-D.WAVE”for selection

Dimension: 129mm×68mm×28mm

Weight: 0.13kg

FDA 510 (K) Listed




Output Wire: 2pcs

Self-adhesive Electrode: 2pcs(size:50×50mm)

Connection Clip(metal clip): 4 pcs(2pcs black,2pcs red)

Operation Manual: 1pc

Batteries Included

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